Sometimes customer reviews say it best.....

The pepperjack crab soup is to die for! I am so glad I accidentally stumbled upon Rockwell's. I loved the decor and friendly staff/customers! I will definitely be back! Tabitha T

Service above and beyond....... with a SMILE! We wanted to go out to eat after Elizabeth Forward High School's graduation but we didn't want to drive out 51 so we called Rockwell's Red Lion to see if we could have reservations without having a set time. They were very accommodating. However, it was almost closing time when we finally collected our newly graduated son and his diploma, so I called to see if it was too late to come in. They said it wasn't. So, for one party of seven, they stayed open for an extra hour.... giving us great food and great service. I can't say enough about them..... it was a great way to end a memorable evening. THANK YOU ROCKWELL'S RED LION.. Becky M

Great food, great service, and reasonable prices. Great place for date night as the atmosphere is very romantic. Heather W

Rockwell's is a beautiful establishment that offers excellent cuisine and a warm atmosphere. Sherri G

Rockwell's Red Lion is a supporter of the BuccoZone and a Proud Fan of all Pittsburgh Sports. As a Special Promotion, the Red Lion will be giving away $25.00 Gift Cards. Why? They know that after the winner's dine, they will spread the word on how great the food and service were at the Red Lion Restaurant!

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