Jeff Guidos

Jeff is the founder and brewer of All Saints Brewing Company. A graduate from St. Vincent College with a degree in Chemistry, Jeff began pursuing his passion like many brewers, first home brewing with a bunch of friends in off hours and weekends. When events and parties in his local community began to become organized around his home brews, Jeff realized his true calling in life and became dedicated to pursuing a career in craft brewing. He then found an opportunity to come back to this Western Pennsylvania roots and brew beer. The Red Star brewery welcomed Jeff as an assistant brewer, where he ultimately became the head brewer.

Jeff has been awarded a Gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival for his Vodoo’s Child Lager in 2002. We recognize Jeff has a passionate and thirsty local following in Western Pennsylvania and are very pleased to say that with All Saints Brewing Company you can look forward to his award winning beers, some of his old favorites like “Chile” beer and barley wine, as well as some new and seasonal beers. All of his beers will be available at the All Saints brewery and at your local pub, restaurant, or pour house.


What is a Growler?

When one speaks of a Growler, we're talking about that which carries fresh beer from a brewery to your house. There are many speculations as to the origins of the growler, but in today's world a Growler is simply a glass jug that carries a half-gallon of beer. However, some can get rather extravagant holding upwards of two liters with a clampdown ceramic top and a metal handle/grips (German-style). You can even buy specially designed cooling packs complete with carrying straps for your growlers.

Growlers are filled straight from the tap, sealed with a twist-cap, often with a plastic wrap over this if filled ahead of time, and are sometimes labeled. The cost of filling a Growler vary by the individual brewery. Almost all brewpubs sell growlers these days, as do many breweries. Just note that you must always refrigerate growlers. Doing so will give them a shelf-life of 7-10 days, or around 2-3 days once opened. And regardless of the true origin the growler, it is a great way to take home some fresh brew from a local brewery or brewpub.


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