Welcome to Laurel Highlands Meadery

The goal of Laurel Highlands Meadery is simple. To make delicious products that everyone can enjoy. Whether you like sweet or dry, a dessert wine or table wine, we have something that will appeal to you. We start with three basic ingredients and build on that to create something truly unique. Although it is made in the traditional sense, this is not your typical honey wine.

So what is this Mead stuff?

At the simplest mead is honey and water, fermented with yeast. It can be any sweetness level from super dry to super sweet. It can be made with spices or fruits or almost anything you can think of. It has been made for thousands of years and it the oldest alcoholic beverage. It was thought that ancient hunters & gatherers had water in a pouch and found honey and added it to that pouch. The sloshing and warmth started it fermenting and it turned from a sweet drink into something alcoholic.

Customer Reviews.....

I absolutely love this place and the owners. Not once have I ever had a bad experience with this business and being a personal mead maker myself, I can only say that they never shy away from giving me great advice when I need it. Truly genuine people like these owners need to stay around for a very long time. Ian Captain

I have been a home mead maker for 20 years and have a few kudos. Laurel Highlands is excellent. Consistently high quality and good ballance. Imaginative flavor palates bring this old brew into the 21st century. Try a bottle and you will scoff at other "mead". Cheers Mike Bondra

I've been a home mead and wine maker for a few years now. A recent visit to Irwin, PA was my first chance to try a commercial mead makers products. My wife and I tried all the meads they had available on that day. Laurel Highlands Meadery is putting out an excellent product. My favorites so far are the Saison and whiskey barrel aged meads. But, they are all great!! Scott Monroe

As a special promotion, Laurel Highlands Meadery will be giving Gift Certificates every month for a FREE bottle of Wine. Why? Because they know once you taste the delicious wine and experience the wonderful service you will come back time and time again!

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